Utah Integrative and Functional Medicine

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Services Offered

Conventional vs Functional Medicine


Functional and Integrative Medicine consultations to help guide you in healing from any chronic illness.

Mens and womens healthcare

Sotopelle Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Pellet for Men and Women

Sotopelle is the leader of consistent bio identical hormone replacement pellets to help those with deficiencies in hormone production maintain health, libido, bone/muscle strength and mental acuity. Dr Silkey is a certified provider for Sotopelle pellets.

Balancing hormones

Laboratory Services

Many chronic illnesses need specialized testing that conventional labs do not offer. These include nutritional testing, neurotransmitter testing for mood disorders, stool testing, food sensitivity testing, hormonal testing. We are a provider for collecting samples and can work with you on using your insurance laboratory. Our charges are for the initial consultation and to review the results/recommend treatment based on the testing. We are not affiliated nor make any money on ordering laboratory testing.